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The number of students going to school online has grown many folds in the last few years .

According to surveys of high school students in 2010 by Project Tomorrow, 27 percent took at least one online course in 2009. That number is expected to rise by double digits for the next several years.

The world is ever changing. Colleges and institutes prefer instructors who are trained to teach online.

So now it's your chance explore the world of teaching.

There’s never been a better time to become an online teacher, but now.
Teachers or tutors who use the Internet to teach courses “at a distance” are referred to as online instructors or teachers. Online teaching careers are also open to mentors or counselors who answer questions and provide emotional encouragement for online students.

Online teachers interact with students through email, message boards, online “blackboards,” chat rooms or, in some cases, virtual reality platforms and software rather than face-to-face. Their students could be from around the country or around the world.

Online teachers need to be able to translate traditional course material in ways that are understood in the online environment, because they can’t rely on eye contact or other facial cues to determine whether students are understanding and maintaining interest in a lesson.
To become a college instructor, teachers—whether online or not—typically need at least a master’s degree. Many have PhDs in their specialty field. But that is not the reason to stop your passion of teaching. Here we are offering you opportunity to become instructor and teach everyone in this era of online education.